This Site Is Now Running Drupal 7

Drupal 7 has been recently released, and I have upgraded this website to release 7 of Drupal. There are still many contributed modules that are not quite ready for prime time, but things are moving along nicely. From my limited experience with it so far, Drupal 7 will provide higher productivity administering websites, thanks to its more intuitive and quicker-to-access administrative pages, and the administration overlay which takes you back to the page you were viewing before going to an administration page. I also like the quick-access administrative menu at the top.

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Drupal Hosting

I have recently done some extensive research on Drupal hosting and have come to the conclusion that Hot Drupal is the best hosting choice for Drupal sites that need substantial resources tuned for Drupal, and where flexible scaling is important. So far, a new client's site hosted with Hot Drupal is doing very well.

Hostmonster is  remains a good option for low cost reliable hosting for small websites which are not expected to have heavy traffic.

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Alcohol Fuel Conversion Kit Online Store Launches!

I was priviledged to work on the website to expand the online store for David Blume, who was on the Coast to Coast radio show with George Nori last night, adding a new segment of the store to sell alcohol fuel conversion kits. I feel honored to have assisted in promoting a vehicle fuel revolution that is gradually building -- alcohol fuel. His book Alcohol Can Be a Gas is unquestionably the best, biggest, and most thorough book on alcohol fuel.

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